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Great ambassadors for corporate volunteering: Syneos Health

What an impact Syneos Health have made since becoming CMPP Members in June 2021. In less than two years, teams of volunteers from Syneos have been enthusiastically engaged in two Community Action Days, an Annual Volunteering Day at Reg's Garden and the charismatic Terrence Jarvis (Health and Safety Specialist) has given his time to star in a Speakers for School video.

A total of 57 members of Syneos staff have been involved so far, generously gifting over 225 hours of their time to paint a play frame at Challengers, paint a factory in Yateley and do just about anything at the old Station Master's House in Farnborough. Terrance's amazing life story wherein he courageously relates the stages in which he changed his life, has already inspired many young lives locally.

Emma Cross (Global Operations Management Coordinator) - herself an avid volunteer - explained how Syneos Health enables every employee to take four hours of volunteering each year.

Once individuals have undertaken an activity, they are encouraged to share experiences and photos on the company's intranet which in turn provides examples of the power of giving back for colleagues to follow.

Syneos Health have certainly hit the ground running, demonstrating a refreshing appetite for community engagement in such a positive way at every level of the organisation. After an impressive first two years as Members, it's exciting to see what this dynamic partner will achieve in the future. Great ambassadors for the company - and an excellent example for volunteering in general.

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