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Talk Technology sign up with CMPP

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Farnborough-based company, Talk Technology Group, are the latest forward-thinking local business to join the Partnership. Talk Technology Group are a multi-national IT company operating in the Middle East and African regions. They specialise in developing partner networks, offering solutions in LED Lighting, Software, Networking, Print, Point of Sale, Industrial Computing, Security and Terminal Operating Systems.

With core strengths in maritime, financial, health, retail, logistics, manufacturing and hospitality industries, Talk Technology are renowned for delivering quality products quickly and reliably into challenging markets.

Marketing Director, Nikki Berio, spoke warmly about joining CMPP: 'For Talk Technology Group, CMPP Membership provides us an opportunity to help and support our local community. Farnborough is where our headquarters are based and having spent near on most of my life to date in the area it will be truly rewarding to be able to give back to those most in need in the community.

As a company, our ethos is always about trying to enhance and support our customers' businesses with solutions so to be able to emulate that in the community projects supported by CMPP is an incredible opportunity for us. We are all very excited to begin working with the team at CMPP.’

Simon Jarvis, CEO, was enthusiastic about our latest partner: 'Nikki and her team will be a great asset to CMPP. She's very much about localism - about the community in which she was educated, lives and works. We've already spoken about the possibility of projects close to her heart and the opportunities presented through participation in our programme of annual Community Action Days and fundraising activities.'

Welcome on board all at Talk Technology - looking forward to working with you in the year ahead.

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