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Starfyn recruited to be CMP's newest Member

Recruitment agency Starfyn Recruitment have now joined CMP as full members.

Starfyn Recruitment, based in Camberley, was founded at the end of 2020 by James Biss and his wife Vicky. Specialists in Special Educational Needs (SEN) recruitment, Starfyn have created lasting relationships with schools, colleges and alternative providers built on trust, honesty and transparency, helping to recruit SEN staff.

James (pictured above) is passionate about the pro-active role local businesses can play in contributing to improvement and transformation in the community which is why partnership makes such sense to Starfyn Recruitment:

'I'd heard a lot about the work CMP were doing locally from Dan Adams (founder of CMP Member, Conquest Consultancy) who shares the office building with us. It seemed that what we at Starfyn wanted to achieve chimed perfectly with the aspirations and activities of CMP.

We know we can't wait for government, locally and nationally, to solve all our issues locally but working together with other like-minded organisations and companies we can tackle many of them ourselves now.

CMP are a great vehicle for us - they make it easy to turn good intentions into action, enabling our staff to make a positive difference in the community. I'm really looking forward to the partnership, taking part in volunteering opportunities and brilliant fundraising events such as the Twilight.'

'When I first had the pleasure of meeting James, it was evident that here was someone who truly understood what corporate social responsibility really means,' said Simon Jarvis, reflecting on Starfyn's decision to become Members.

'In fact, James was so clear about the benefits of volunteering - for staff wellbeing, teambuilding, the impact on the community, the opportunities of working with similarly purpose driven companies - that I've decided to steal his words to promote CMP from now on!

It's such a privilege to have the support of busy people like James, leading from the front, grappling with the day to day pressures of running businesses but yet remaining absolutely determined to go the extra mile in order to give back to the community. It's inspirational.'


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