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Probably the cleanest beach in England thanks to you!

On a breezy, sunny Monday over a hundred volunteers descended on Hayling Island to take up the challenge of cleaning up rubbish. Yes - CMPP's second annual beach clean up had begun!

Litter pickers and bag hoops held in gloved hands, over a hundred volunteers from lucky 13 Member companies joined together to scour the stones in front of the Funland funfair on the shores of the choppy Solent.

At the end of the day around 64 3kg rubbish bags had been filled before the participants enjoyed a well-deserved fish'n'chip lunch accompanied by liquid refreshments courtesy of those wonderful people from Asahi in Woking (cheers Ben!) before taking the coaches home.

The local council were delighted with the impact our volunteers had on the environment: in spite of their tireless efforts to keep the area clean, inevitably their resources are limited. So the injection of energy, enthusiasm and sheer hard work has been very much appreciated.

Volunteers at this year's beach clean came from the following Member companies:

  • Amazon Filters

  • Asahi

  • BMW Group UK

  • Gulfstream

  • Happiful

  • MAPP

  • Syniti

  • Switchfoot Wealth

  • The Prospect Trust

  • Thirst Films

  • The Village Hotel

  • UK Connect

  • YRH Finance


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