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More good weeds for the day by volunteers at Reg's Garden!

Teams of super-keen volunteers assembled at Reg's Garden - that little patch of paradise next to the less than heavenly Farnborough North station - to take on the latest CMPP volunteering challenge. And what a day they had!

Reg, for those who don't know, was the Station Master for many years and lived in the house adjacent to the line and level crossing. On his death he bequeathed his large garden to be cared for by his children and the Farnborough Street Residents Association. It's a formidable 280m x 50m beautiful community garden - but it needs significant, on-going upkeep. A perfect job, in other words, for CMPP and our army of volunteers.

Volunteers braved the chilly early spring weather to undertake a wide range of tasks - planting a hawthorn hedge along the rail line garden border; building benches from pallets; renovating wooden seats; weeding; clearing brambles; creating a tepee under the trees... Under the management of chief garden elf Rachel Austen (Corporate Volunteer Manager) an incredible 53 staff from the following CMPP Members reported for duty, spades and forks in hand:

  • Amazon Filters

  • Aviator Hotel

  • Farnborough Airport

  • Gulfstream

  • Happiful

  • Herrington Carmichael

  • Syneos Health

  • and new Members Talk Technology enjoying their first volunteering day

The day - our second large scale Annual Volunteering Day at Reg's Garden - was of course hard work for this committed crew but reflecting on the transformation brought about by their collective efforts, Dan Reeves from Herrington Carmichael was delighted by the progress: 'It's really rewarding. So many jobs completed - this is a great project.'

Throughout the day, smiling helpers shared the joy of working with colleagues from different departments, people from wildly different sectors, all united in a common task. Their contribution will benefit the whole community - the passengers, fishermen, students, the wild life, walkers, all who pause and enjoy this peaceful haven.

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