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Kebur Community Project Awards 2023

The Kebur Garden Materials Community Project Award winners have been announced this month. Applicants provided detailed plans for the transformation of local outdoor spaces and what difference they would have for people and nature. CMPP's CEO, Simon Jarvis, joined a panel of judges to decide which of the applications seeking support would be successful: 'This year's project were of such a high standard - it made choosing a top three incredibly difficult!

The staff at Kebur had identified a shortlist of seven projects for us to consider, all of which would benefit from the generous support of materials and volunteer help.'

Jo Holtom, Business Partner (Marketing and Change) at Kebur explained:

'The winning project will receive £2000 worth of our materials plus a good injection of help from volunteers if they’d like it, through CMPP. Two runners up will each receive £500 worth of materials and the offer of help from corporate volunteers through CMPP.'

Judges were asked to evaluate the applications against three criteria:

  • How much will the project benefit local people and wildlife?

  • How much difference will this award (and potential volunteer support from CMPP) make to the project?

  • Does the organisation have the other resources they need to make this happen?

Projects had to be based in Surrey, North East Hampshire or South East Berkshire. 'The range of projects was extraordinary: sensory gardens, community gardens, renovations to bring life and colour back to moribund outdoor spaces. Imaginative, inventive, really well thought-through ideas for improving communities with the potential to have a positive impact on so many beneficiaries. It really was a challenge deciding which three to support,' Simon reflected.

And the outcome? The following projects will each receive £500 worth of materials from Kebur plus CMPP volunteer support:

Freemantles School (in Woking): to create a sensory garden for use by the whole School which provides for students with autism

Farncombe Community Garden: to create a sensory garden in the new community garden which is being established on a derelict site off Binscombe Lane, Godalming

The Award of £2000 plus CMPP volunteer support goes to:

Spaces for Growing: this wonderful project will transform Ainger Close in Aldershot, creating a community green space - a nurturing environment to foster well-being and a green future for residents. It will be accessible, sustainable and incorporates a Peace Garden - a resource for local children and families.

CMPP very much looks forward to tracking the progress of these inspirational projects as they take shape over the coming months. Thanks to the generosity of our partners Kebur for helping turn community inspiration into reality: great work.

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