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Company Volunteer Days: how CMPP can work with you

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Company Volunteer Days

Volunteer days provide employers with the opportunity for their staff to take part in worthwhile projects together, away from the workplace.

Talking to companies in Surrey and Hampshire, it is clear that time together with co-workers is a business priority now staff are hybrid working, splitting their hours between home and their place of work. Volunteer days provide shared experiences that cannot be replicated at

work. Employees have time together to work on a practical project that removes organisational hierarchies and provides a common reference point to call upon back in the work environment.

From anecdotal evidence, ‘community conscience’ is one positive thing to have come out of the pandemic and it is an agenda being led in a large part by Millennials. Amazon Filters in Camberley, a CMPP partner for over a year, shared recently that when younger people come in for an interview they are more likely to ask about the volunteer days than they are about the pension or cycle-to-work scheme when discussing pay and benefits.

With more companies offering volunteer days and more community organizations needing help, an effective volunteer broker service is needed and that is the purpose of CMPP in Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey.

Tracy Jarvis, CEO of CMPP, commented: 'We are that link in the chain between generous employers offering time and expertise and charities, schools, and community groups desperately in need of help to do vital work.' To find out more information on our corporate volunteering visit our corporate volunteering day page.

Examples of volunteer days that CMPP has brokered in 2022:

Dynavics and Aviator Hotel: Butterflies pre-school; weeding borders, zoning new outdoor areas, creating raised beds, a corner play zone, and paving for easy access to storage.

BMW: Cove School; transforming an unused, neglected outdoor space to create an area for the 'Covefest' science week, and subsequently a well-being garden.

Frasers Property UK: Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice; shed and outdoor furniture staining, grounds clearance.

Amazon Filters: Sandringham School; painting all of the outdoor play equipment.

All CMPP partners: Reg’s Garden, Farnborough; annual gardening volunteering day

Frimhurst Family House, Camberley; winter leaf clearance

South coast beach clean, at Littlehampton

To learn more about company volunteer days with CMPP, click Community Action Days

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