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CMPP in joint venture with Venture Life

We are thrilled to announce that Venture Life, the Bracknell based business which develops, manufactures and distributes products for the self-care market, has chosen to partner with CMPP as full Members in the year ahead.

Venture Life is committed to helping people lead healthier lives through self-care and preventative wellness. Through the partnership, Venture Life will work with CMPP on a number of projects, including corporate volunteering days, benefiting local community organisations and charities.

CEO, Jerry Randall, explained why this was the right moment for Venture Life to take this step: 'Joining forces with CMPP embodies our commitment to Venture Life Group’s Sustainable Development Goals, fostering team solidarity, and steering our business toward a socially conscious future.

By working with CMPP, we're not only contributing to local community development in line with our Sustainable Development Goals but also empowering our teams to collectively make a tangible, positive impact.

This collaboration reinforces our belief that a socially responsible business isn't just an aspiration but a collective journey we embark on, cultivating a culture where our actions today shape a better, more sustainable tomorrow for all.'

Simon Jarvis, CMPP CEO, commented: 'What a thrilling start to 2024! Everything about Venture Life is positive; their far-sighted values as a business, emphasising the importance of purpose beyond profit, and refreshing determination to give back to the community chime with the very essence of CMPP.

From the moment I met with Joc Kirby (Head of Ecommerce & UK ESG Representative at Venture Life) it was absolutely crystal clear that here was just the kind of local business with whom we could - and should - be working closely, for mutual advantage.

Exciting days ahead!'


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