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Celebrating our partnership with Frimhurst

Updated: Mar 26

This week saw yet another Community Action Day undertaken by BMW Group UK at Frimhurst Family Home beside the Basingstoke Canal in Frimley Green.

Since 2020, volunteers from CMP Members have donated hundreds of hours of labour to Frimhurst including helping with the building of the Cedar Room (a new residential facility on site), repairing pot holes in the drive, and extensive contributions to the maintenance of the nine acres of ground in which the house is situated. Frimhurst Family Home is part of ATD Fourth World and provides vulnerable families with respite from poverty, discrimination and social exclusion.

CMP volunteers will of course know that our annual 'Festive Frimhurst' event has taken place in the run up to Christmas for some years: having participated, who could ever forget the millions (and millions more!) leaves that have been collected from the grass and the driveway... In the year 2023 alone, CMP volunteers contributed over 900 hours of free labour in total: in monetary value, this voluntary contribution has been invaluable to Frimhurst whose budget could never have covered such costs.

To mark the success of this fruitful partnership, at the recent CAD Frimhurst manager, Murielle Double, and Simon Jarvis unveiled a plaque to celebrate our joint working.

You can enjoy this happy moment by clicking on the play button below:

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