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'Yateley Industries transformed' - by CMPP volunteers

Yateley Industries is a local charity providing support for disabled adults, helping them to live and work independently. Some residents work in the factory but the workshop was in much need of a refreshing face lift - but the cost to this wonderful charity of such an undertaking was way beyond their budget. It was simply not possible.

'Impossible'? Not a word we like at CMPP: Great - sounds like a perfect project for teams of super-CMPP volunteers to get stuck into! Which is exactly what they did...

Over the course of two days in March, a small army of willing volunteers descended on the premises of Yateley Industries with gusto, providing a much-needed makeover of the workshop. And the results are brilliant!

Rachel Austen, who manages the Community Action Days, harnessed the willing enthusiasm of teams drawn from the following CMPP Member companies:

  • BMW

  • Dynavics

  • Happiful

  • Morr & Co

  • Syneos Health

  • The Aviator Hotel

  • UK Connect

It may have been chilly early-spring weather but this hardy crew were not deterred. Armed with paint, brushes and plenty of determination, the 75 strong group were all smiles as they set about their tasks with gusto. Lucy Bucknell from Happiful spoke warmly about her involvement: 'It's really important to us to practice what we preach. We love giving back to our local community. And it's a great way to get together as a team to do something we are all passionate about.'

This theme was repeated time and time again by the helping hands. Michaela James, from Morr & Co's HR department, captured the spirit of this project superbly: 'To give back to the community and spend time together out of the office environment is great. I firmly believe that volunteering is good for the soul!'

Sheldon McMullan, CEO of Yateley Industries (pictured centre below), was amazed at the improvements made to the premises which had taken place over 48 hours: 'It is truly incredible. The workshop really needed TLC and a coat of paint. These remarkable people arrived and, under the direction of Rachel and her colleagues from CMPP, have absolutely transformed the place for the residents.

We could never have afforded to do this ourselves. But with the magic of CMPP and the efforts of so many generous-hearted volunteers who've joined together from all these different companies, the place now looks brilliant. It's so good for our residents here and really encouraging to know that so many people care enough to have done this on their behalf. Thank you.'

If you have would like to know more about how your business could engage with the community through corporate volunteering as a member of CMPP, please contact Simon Jarvis at:

Alternatively, if you've been inspired by the power of volunteering and think your project could benefit from the support of CMPP Members, please contact Rachel Austen at:

Meanwhile, take a look at the following gallery of pictures of corporate volunteers having fun whilst doing something brilliant for others: good for the soul indeed!


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