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Tecna UK sign up with CMP

We are pleased to announce that Tecna UK are to become Members of CMP from February this year.

Tecna UK, based in Hawley Lane, Farnborough, were established in 2007 and are leaders in the design and build of modular event, exhibition, conference, experiential and retail displays. Well known to a number of our partners already, Tecna have a reputation for bringing together design, project management, production and installation into unique, unforgettable display experiences.

James Longley, Managing Director, explained why the company have chosen to become Members:

'Tecna UK have signed up with Community Matters Partnership because we care about our local community. 

In line with our CSR goals, we are focused on making a positive difference in every element of our business and this is a fantastic local initiative.  It allows us to involve our whole team and have some fun whilst making a difference to people’s lives. 

We’re really looking forward to being part of this incredible partnership.'

Simon Jarvis, CEO, said: 'It's really encouraging having Tecna UK with us, From the moment George (George Green, Head of Sales) approached me about Membership and its benefits, I've been struck by the energy and enthusiasm they will bring to CMP.

James and George have an abundance of great ideas about what Tecna could bring to CMP and how they can add value to our activities.

Brilliant - really thrilled to have Tecna on board.'

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