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Our newest Members: welcome on board - ally and mo media

Ally and mo media are joining CMP as full Members.

Ally and mo media was founded in 2019 by Rob Molloy, Executive Producer, who had spent over 20 years working in traditional TV and video content for well-known companies such as ITV and Guinness World Records. Rob and his Farnham based team create videos which bring brands to life in an authentic and engaging manner.

Rob first learnt of CMPP through the testimonials of friends who were already Members and knew that his company would benefit from partnership. He'd even joined us at last year's Hallowe'en Quiz held at Farnborough International and, in spite of a disappointing performance by his team, was convinced that 2024 was the year in which ally and mo media would sign up:

'We want to join CMP primarily for the benefit of our staff. Involvement in the activities will be rewarding for them in a way that goes beyond anything we can offer as part of their day-to-day job.

As a company, I’m looking forward to us getting involved in the events and activities, and getting to meet some of the other CMP Members.'

And we are very much looking forward to working with you, Rob, and to your active participation in the year ahead. Welcome on board!

Plus, you never know, 2024 might just be the year that ally and mo media are crowned as CMP Quiz Night champions...

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