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Leading from the front: FlightSafety International join CMPP

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

We are absolutely delighted that FlightSafety International have decided to become Members of CMPP.

FlightSafety International (FSI), located on Farnborough Airport, are an acknowledged world class company, originating from the United States. Using leading edge immersive technology including advanced aviation simulators, FSI experts train pilots from around the globe to be confident to face a multiplicity of real scenarios when airborne.

Daryl Deacon, Centre Manager, and Richard Hallows, Director of Standards and SMS Manager, are looking forward to a productive partnership with CMPP. 'We believe that over the course of the year ahead, FSI staff will be keen to get involved in a range of volunteering opportunities,' enthused Richard. 'At FSI, we intend to lead from the front with management teams committing to participating in CMPP activities early in the spring.

The benefits to our staff of volunteering, participating in fundraising events and so on, have the potential to improve a sense of well-being, promote teamwork and make a great company an even better place to work.'

Simon Jarvis, CEO, was obviously thrilled to have FSI as a CMPP Member: 'This is great news for both the Charity and of course for FlightSafety. Our staff will work closely with Richard and his team to design a year's programme starting in the first quarter of the year. Before that, we'll spend time in their inspiring HQ, publicising the partnership with CMPP, helping people to better understand what CMPP is all about and, hopefully, excite the interest of FSI staff to get involved.'

Welcome on board, FlightSafety International - it's brilliant to have you with us.

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