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'Gift wrapped in a thousand thank yous': the true social impact of CMPP is far more than numbers

The new CMPP Social Impact Report 2023 was launched on Tuesday 13 December at a joyous event hosted by The Aviator Hotel in Farnborough. The winter chill could not stop almost 70 supporters of the charity gathering at a Festive Breakfast at which the remarkable achievements of the past year were rightly celebrated.

Setting the tone with his introductory remarks, Chair Paul Edwards was effusive in his admiration for the value of CMPP's work in the community: 'The achievements reported here are those in which every single person who has contributed in any way, however small, should take immense pride.

Whilst the numbers are impressive, your impact and that of CMPP is far more than numbers alone can capture. They are wrapped in a thousand 'thank yous' from so many beneficiaries which many of you will never get to hear. But they are at the heart of what we do and why we continue to do it.'

Echoing this theme, Tracy Jarvis, CMPP CEO, said: 'The achievements of this year are those of a collective: of everyone here and the hundreds who aren't. At the start of the year when we planned our calendar of events, emerging from lockdown and the effects of the pandemic as we were, I could not have imagined what an amazing year it would be.

Whether you are a Member, a sponsor, volunteer or supporter, the successes reported here are not 'ours' but 'yours'.'

Speaking about the Report, Tracy reflected on the difficulty of measuring all CMPP activity: 'Sometimes the impact is there to see but sometimes it's less obvious; it's almost invisible and often felt somewhere down the line rather than immediately. It may be that you are not aware of just what a difference your contribution has made to a group or an individual. It's difficult to measure feeling.

But never doubt the positive impact it does have. The feedback I receive time and time again reinforces the reality of the huge benefits what you do has for so many - including the wellbeing and mental health of the workforce which takes the action.'

Tracy took the opportunity to thank a number of individuals and companies for their exceptional support of CMPP in 2022. All those 800 plus participants raining almost £40,000 for good causes, in this year's record breaking Twilight Runway Challenge; to Chris Gazzard and Rebecca Cornthwaite of Blackbushe Airport for being whole-hearted, sympathetic and genuine partnership; to the sponsors of this year's event - Stephen Rafferty and James Lewis at CleanKing, Shireen Walker of HubFiiit, Lucy Cornes from Fluor, Ian Dawkins of Hi-Speed Services, Lucy Evans of Stewart & Co, the teams from Waitrose and Herrington Carmichael - without whom the Twilight would not have taken place.

In addition, Tracy recognised the distinguished support of:

  • Ollie Rastall has played in supporting the work of CMPP for the past decade. Ollie's company, Source Supplies, are the long time sponsors of the CMPP annual golf day

  • Valerie Steele at Farnborough International and Mark Williams of The Village Hotel who together had enabled the record breaking event Hallowe'en Quiz to take place

  • The Prospect Trust and it's new CEO, Andy Yarrow, for sponsoring the Speakers into Schools programme which reaches over 32,000 learners

  • Ros Barteau and Anthea Rastall, mother and daughter who had this year run the 26.2 mile London Marathon raising money for CMPP

  • Steve Maunders, for his selfless participation in so many CMPP volunteering events has gone unsung so far. Steve also flew the drone which so effectively captured this year's Twilight

  • Martin Amos, Graeme Grieve and Peter Gordon who became the Charity's first Ambassadors

  • the Board of Trustees - Paul Edwards, Julie Applebe, Mark Bramah, PJ Farr, Nick Shrimpton, Tracey Shrimpton and Dominique Stillman - whose dedication strengthens the good governance of CMPP

Finishing her presentation by expressing her immense gratitude to the hard-working 'awesome' CMPP staff team without whom none of the events detailed in the Report would have happened, Tracy looked optimistically ahead: 'In 2023, with your help, we will continue to challenge, inspire, elevate and influence people to get involved and take action which will improve the communities in which we live and work.

We are stronger together.'


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