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CMPP image receives new year makeover

2024 and we’ve taken the opportunity to freshen up CMPP with a new outfit!

It had become clear that whilst our Members know what the letters ‘CMPP’ stand for, to those outside the organisation it is not self-evident. So, the new logo has been freshened up to emphasise more explicitly the importance of the words: ‘community matters‘ and importantly ‘partnership’.

The new logo maintains this continuity and link with the past in other ways: the same brand colours plus we’ve retained the huddle, a symbol of the diversity of our community with the linked figures reminding us that we are stronger together. True then, true now.

The full name of the charity ie The Community Matters Partnership Project is formally retained but it was always a bit of a mouthful! From now on we’ll be Community Matters Partnership, which is where we started when CMP was established in 2010. 

We It will take a little while to replace the old with the new but we plan to have done most of that work in the next few months.  

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