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Celebrating an extraordinary year

At the end of a challenging year for CMPP and all its Members, our first Social Impact Report celebrates many remarkable achievements in 2022.

CMPP Chair, Paul Edwards, speaks proudly of the positive outcomes our programmes have had for CMPP beneficiaries in the community: 'the Social Impact Report is testament to the creativity and dedication of the team as well as the commitment of our key partners.

Together we have established the social responsibility landscape in our area which has made this happen.'

The achievements summarised in the Report include these outstanding highlights:

  • 45 Community Action Days (CADs) undertaken by Members

  • 3 large scale environmental days completed, including the first ever CMPP Beach Clean

  • over 700 corporate volunteers participating in CADs

  • over 3,750 hours of volunteer labour gifted to the community with a value estimated at over £75,000

  • 38 inspirational videos created for Speakers for Schools, readily and freely available to over 32,000 learners

  • 5 conferences and networking events hosted with over 200 delegates attending

  • completing the largest fundraising event in our history - The Twilight Runway Challenge - with 800+ participants, 42 companies represented, together raising almost £40,000 for good causes

As Tracy Jarvis, the CEO of CMPP, rightly says: 'Our local partnership, involving over 50 companies - from large corporates to an array of micro businesses - have been actively involved in making a real and lasting difference in their communities.

This is a great story involving the commitment and dedication of so many determined people. I hope you will find it as inspiring as I do.'


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