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Butt Miller improve the Partnership balance by joining CMP

We are delighted to announce that Camberley accountants, Butt Miller, have joined CMP as full Members.

The company, located at its base in Tuscam Way, have specialised in helping start-ups, small businesses, established businesses, sole traders and individuals with every aspect of their business, accounting and taxation requirements since 1982.

Director Jane Moss explained why Butt Miller have joined the growing partnership of CMP this year: 'The reasons why we joined CMP are twofold.

Primarily, Membership enables our company to do good for and in our local community. In turn, this raises our company profile in the community.

Importantly, CMP also provides superb team building experiences for our staff.'

Jane Moss, on the right

'It's always encouraging to talk with local businesses wanting to get involved in helping to giving back locally. From the moment Jane made contact with CMP, it was clear that she understood well what we are trying to achieve and that she wanted Butt Miller to be a force for good in the Partnership,' said Simon Jarvis, CMP CEO.

'I'm really looking forward to working with Jane and her team in the year ahead. Great to have you on board!'

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