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360 Mortgages team up with CMPP

We are delighted to welcome our newest addition to the growing CMPP partnership: welcome aboard 360 Mortgages!

Led by Director Mark Wilson, 360 Mortgages offer a range of services helping clients to find the right mortgage products, offering professional advice and friendly guidance through the maze of this industry.

The team of nine staff are based in modern offices, which have been converted from an old electricity substation, on the London Road in Bagshot.

Mark is enthusiastic about why now is the right moment for 360 Mortgages to join CMPP and is clear about the potential benefits he sees from Membership:

'It's so encouraging to have forward looking, socially-minded businesses like Mark's proactively looking for positive opportunities to give back,' said Simon Jarvis, CMPP CEO. '360 Mortgages will be brilliant partners, joining a powerful group of societal leaders capable of transforming our communities. I hope that their example inspires more local businesses - micros, SMEs, corporates - to get involved. Great to have you with us, Mark!'

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