Become a member

We help businesses to develop their community engagement strategies. We recognise that giving back is time-consuming and so here at CMPP we make it as easy as possible for your businesses to get involved.

Membership gives you access to a variety of community projects that enable you and your staff give back to your local community. You don't need to worry about finding projects, or setting them up, you don't need to worry about safeguarding or health and safety, we make all of the arrangements for you. 

The community tells us what it is they need from businesses and the team at CMPP then set up these projects that you can get involved with. 

Why join? 

  • Organised programme of Community Action Days/Corporate Volunteer Days. 
  • Virtual or physical opportunities that your staff can get involved with from their desks individually or as part of a team.
  • Giving back is great for your brand, it brings alive your company values; better than anything else. 
  • Community Action Days are for a morale boost and doubles up as a awesome team building day. 
  • Opens up opportunities for positive marketing and PR. 
  • Community engagement is a fantastic tool for employee engagement and bringing your people. together to something valuable. 
  • Access to members events where you can share ideas and make contacts with other companies of similar sizes. 

What do you get when you become a partner of the project? 

  • Depending upon your size a set number of Community Action Days (detailed here in packages)
  • Unlimited opportunities for virtual volunteering.
  • Access to members events where you will meet like-minded businesses, share ideas on Community Engagement and listen to key speakers on a variety of subjects
  • Unlimited access to all CMPP fundraising events which raise money for other charities. 
  • Our logo on your website and your logo on the CMPP website - showing partnership working. 
  • A wellbeing and staff engagement programme linked to HR. 
  • An opportunity for your business and your people to do something good. 

Marketing departments love CMPP for the positive messages it brings to the company. 

HR departments love CMPP for increasing the take up of their corporate volunteering entitlements. 

As a charitable organisation we are here to help companies to do all the good work we know that most  want to do. We do know it is a struggle to find the time to do it or to know where to start.

So let CMPP take that problem away. Drop us an email: and join us today!