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For Schools
and Charities.

CMPP is delighted to be able to support schools, charities and not for profit organisations with four fully funded projects as detailed below. 

CMPP co-ordinates and engages corporate volunteers to help out at Community Action Days in schools, charities and community groups.

Apply for a speaker for your school.

In 2019, CMPP launched the ‘Speakers for Schools’ programme to help close the gap between education and business. We hope that this project creates a fantastic resource bank for many young people to be able to hear from local businesses. 

The Speakers for Schools programme will provide thousands of young people with the opportunity to hear from a wide variety of business people about what it’s really like to be them and do their jobs.  Unlike one-off guest appearances at the usual careers event, these podcast videos are really valued because they can be used flexibly and repeatedly. 
Our growing library of digital videos are accessed again and again, viewed by individual students or part of a class or work group.  They offer inspirational role models, insight and aspirations to help the next generation of employees make informed choices about their next steps in life. 


Corporate Volunteers from the world of work make their contribution clearly, conveniently and cost-effectively from the comfort of their own desks.  The SfS programme lies at the heart of the crucial relationship between business and education; it offers schools meaningful employer engagement and enables credit towards important Gatsby benchmarks which are the hallmark of good careers information and guidance.

Take a look at the link below to access some truly amazing personal accounts from local business people who have beaten adversity, changed direction and gone on to have fantastic careers in a variety of industries! 

If you are an educational provider looking for a specific speaker, please email;

Skill sharing for charities?

In 2020, we launched a project intended to help businesses share their skills and expertise with charities. Our aim with this project is to build and develop an online resource bank so that many charities and not-for-profit groups can access expertise and knowledge needed to grow and sustain their organisations. 

Topics covered include social media, marketing, finance and Google search optimisation. We are always keen to hear from charities and learn about the areas in which they require advice.



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