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Corporate Volunteers


If you are a local school, charity or community that that is in need of some support from corporate volunteers - we can probably help. 

CMPP work with many AMAZING companies to help them get active in the community.

A large majority of socially responsible companies give their staff between 1-3 days to undertake some form of volunteering activity.

CMPP work with businesses and the community to find and source appropriate projects and then match you up. 

You can apply for an individual or a group of corporate volunteers to help out with your project.  

Corporate volunteers tend to be able to come out for one day or for a few hours; so please bear this in mind when applying. 

If you would like to talk through your project before completing this form please get in touch via email: and we will call you back to discuss. 

We look forward to hearing from you! 

The CMPP Corporate Volunteering Team!