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Beach Clean

Community Action Days see volunteers give their time to an activity making a positive difference in the community. One annual CAD initiative supports International Coastal Cleanup Day: we call it the CMP Beach Clean. 


Plastic debris is a big issue because it does not decompose; it simply disintegrates. Over time, minute plastic particles get into our own food and water systems, becoming a health hazard.

That is why beach cleaning can, and does, make a positive environmental difference.


Beach Clean 2024 will take place on:

                Monday 8 July at Hayling Island.   

Be sure to save the date!  Full details will appear here soon. 


This year's annual beach clean took place on Monday 3 July at Hayling Island.

Litter pickers and bag hoops in hand, over 100 volunteers from 13 Member companies gathered on the stony shores of the Solent.  At the end of this, CMP's second such annual volunteering event, 64 3kg bags of rubbish had been collected and participants enjoyed a traditional fish'n'chip lunch in the sunshine.

Havant Council were delighted with the positive impact of our volunteers' actions: in spite of their tireless efforts to keep the area clean, inevitably resources are limited so this injection of labour, freely given, was very very welcome.

Beach Clean - Hayling Island

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